Who We Are

I was three years old when my Memommey taught me how to crochet on account of my not being able to sit still. When she gave my hands something to do, I was able to tame my hyperness and I'm positive that was a prayer answered for many in my family.

Now I love making all sorts of creations with yarn and fabric, crochet and knit, you name it. I enjoy using the natural fibers in my work because of their ability to breath, uphold, and dye. For example, Cotton and Wool alike expand when wet (wool a bit more than cotton) they absorb the liquid and dye at a rate that inconsistent calling for unique yet predictable patterning if you know how to read the signs found in the materials. 

Hemp fibers are a very special material; when in fabric or yarn form, the material can become "worn" in the sense that it softens, but also strengthens in durability. The fabric more than doubles in strength when wet, and the fibers are already very strong, so washing does not break down the fibers as in other materials, and the item will surely last for several more years than items made of other fabrics.

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