Hemp twine and Cotton yarn Blended Purse

The Natural Stitch is your online resource for finding natural fibers woven and spun into yarn and textiles. We make all our dyes from natural and organic home-made botanical brews. There are a wide selection of yarns and fabrics that are ready for order, but we also provide a custom order for individually requested colour schemes. If you have a colour to match, send it to us and we will hand brew a matching colour specifically for you.

Whether you're looking for Hemp Fabrics, Hemp Yarn, Natural Blended Fabrics, Natural Blended Fabrics, Organic Cotton Yarn, Organic Cotton Fabrics, Wool Yarns, Wool Fabrics, Plant Based Dyes, Botanically Dyed Fabrics and Yarns, Clothing made of natural blends, I'll have it for you. 

Specifically the products consist of textile fabrics, yarn, twine, and ready-made clothing of the following materials:

Hemp, Sheep Wool, Alpaca Wool, Yak Wool, Organic Cotton, and assorted combination blends of the previously stated. For further information about the molecular structure and specific uses of Hemp please visit the page labeled About Hemp so to put to rest any questions about the plant and product.

For special orders or orders over 5 of each colour please contact us by emailing us or using the Contact Us page on the site.

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